Cancelled Comics Commentary for 2012

January 2012

Dungeons & Dragons #16 (IDW): the famous RPG on boards, rolling dice and paper notes co-created by Gary Gygax in 1974, it went on to spawn various spinoff board games (most notably Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms), novels, toys, video games, and even comics, beginning in 1988 with DC's adaptations that were even titled Advanced D&D, after the special edition they'd launched at the time. Those adaptations ended in 1991, and it took until the late 2000s before anybody thought of seriously trying it again in comicdom. But when they did, it was pretty successful, and didn't actually end with this volume, as there's been a few more miniseries coming after this, including a few drawing from the novelizations author R.A. Salvatore's known for. Mostly depicting a group of adventurers trying to defeat all sorts of evil warmongers threatening the kingdoms they live in. And let me note that, if written and illustrated well, that's why these are among the products I'm willing to read these days, given how terrible DC/Marvel have become.

February-April 2012

Nothing I know of just now to speak of. And in this dire age, that shouldn't be surprising.

May 2012

Daken: Dark Wolverine #23 (Marvel): a perfect example of how Marvel was grossly overdoing it with villains, this starred a crooked son of Logan named Daken, who was also a member of Dark Avengers (a grave misuse of the Avengers franchise), which in turn spun out of the Dark Reign "event". As if that weren't bad enough, he was even portrayed as bisexual, as if that was truly necessary, even for a purported baddie. His real name was Akihiro, in yet another example of just giving a character a single name not unlike Logan for Wolverine. And the premise did nothing to ensure this character would ever find popularity with a still dwindling audience.

X-23 #21 (Marvel): a series starring a girl who may or may not have been established as Wolverine's daughter, subject of an adamantium experiment similar to what he underwent. And all in a series which went nowhere. Her name was Laura Kinney, and she had pop-up claws just like Logan's. She had originally been created in 2000 for the X-Men: Evolution cartoon series (by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost) before being incorporated into the MCU proper, not unlike Firestar/Angelica Jones, who originally appeared in Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends in 1981 before being merged into the MCU 4 years later. Lack of good writing only ensured that X-23 would not last long as a solo book.

June 2012

Mister Terrific #8 (DC): an early mess from the "New 52", which DC spent at least 4 years labeling on their covers, it starred the new Mister Terrific, Michael Holt, changed considerably from the previous continuity (which, lest we forget, fell apart pretty quickly). And what scuttled this series soon after it debuted was a storyline where Republicans are attacked as anti-science. As if Democrats couldn't be the same. That's the New Left-wing 52 for you, I guess.

All that aside, I sometimes wonder if Holt was ever handled well to begin with since his debut in the late 1990s. I've long concluded the JSA series was overrated, and another product of a mindset that relies on far too much nostalgia coupled with phony character drama.

July 2012

Thunderbolts #174 (Marvel): not quite cancelled, as the title would be changed to Dark Avengers, and the numbering would continue from there for another year. But I do want to say that whatever the writers here were coming up with, it was truly awful slop, mired in company wide crossovers like Civil War, and don't be surprised if the Thunderbolts, whether reformed or not, came off looking better than the official heroes for all the wrong reasons.

And thinking back, I'd argue that the Thunderbolts really ended when Kurt Busiek left the title after scripting at least 30 issues in the early 2000s.

August-December 2012

Nothing special here either. This era is a truly dismal affair.

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