Cancelled Comics Commentary for 2014

January 2014

Avengers Arena #18 (Marvel): if memory serves, it was told this series, where several would-be Avengers are pitted against Arcade's Murderworld machinations, was inspired by the Hunger Games. Be that as it may, it didn't make for a great story. It would be followed up soon enough by Avengers Undercover, which followed soon after and was canceled in November.

February 2014

At this moment, I can't find much of anything, and with the whole industry in such dire straits, it's hard to be sure if I should care.

March 2014

Cable and X-Force #19 (Marvel): So, another series featuring a character and a team whose series were otherwise pointless and superfluous when they originally began in the early 1990s. And judging by how far this volume went with both, I guess by now, most audiences must've concluded the same, as writing clearly hadn't improved. Oh well.

Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi #5 (Dark Horse): This was, in a way, part of a series of miniseries, if you'll call it that, published over 2 years, and I suppose it sufficiently counts to be included on lists like these. Ultimately, the DH-produced SW comics came to an end after Marvel re-acquired the license for producing SW comics, and if these are being reprinted, it'll surely be under their labels instead.

April-August 2014

Simply hollow.

September 2014

Life With Archie #37 vol. 2 (Archie): Ever since the 2000s ended, the Archie franchise seems to be cascading downhill. Especially ever since they forced the Kevin Keller character, who was deliberately characterized as homosexual for the sake of SJW (social justice warrior) agendas, down the throats of the readers. The books they're producing now have been overtaken to a troubling degree by leftism, and it sure ain't helping.

October 2014

Wolverine #12 (Marvel): Just another attempt at launching a solo book for Logan, with each consecutive effort getting weaker and weaker than the last. Naturally, it's sad that, thanks to all the political correctness now flooding not just Marvel, but practically the whole industry, the X-Men's notable fighter with claws has basically lost much of the clout that made him famous during the Bronze Age. Now, he's become a joke nobody's interested in.

November 2014

Avengers Undercover #10 (Marvel): a series where several would-be Avengers do what the title alludes to in order to try and infiltrate a new take on the Masters of Evil, and a followup to the aforementioned Arena. And not very impressive either, from what I can tell. Just another of many weak series produced during Axel Alonso's tenure as EIC for Marvel that they could've saved money by not bothering about.

December 2014

Nothing to see here either, and of course that isn't necessarily great.

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