Your Life is just as Valuable as Mine

by Avi Green

Celten was a planet comprised of descendants from Israel, France, Uganda, Armenia, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Chile and Thailand. It was also under attack by Islamist terrorism, committed by invaders from the neighboring planet Orroken that took a toll on many communities they attacked, and infiltrated in disguise. That terrorism would have cost the life of a 16-year-old girl, Bernadette, if it hadn't been for the intervention of 16-year-old Jacob, a religiously observant boy wearing a skullcap, who put himself between the laser blade a jihadist wielded against the girl in an airship transportation station, all because she was wearing a miniskirt. Jacob fought him off, even as he sustained terrible injury from the weapon, and defeated the terrorist with a sock to the forehead.

Bernadette, while relieved, was actually surprised Jacob had intervened in her defense. She hadn't thought or expected somebody of Jewish descent to come to the rescue of somebody not of the same ethnicity.

“Jacob, make no mistake. I'm in your debt that you saved me from being murdered. But, I'd like to know, why did you perform such a noble act on behalf of a girl like myself, who's not of your ethnicity, and doesn't practice the Judaist religion?” she asked as a planetary medic attended to his injury while he lay on a surgical cot.

“Because, by the teachings of my religion, I recognize that you're a human being, and wearing a skimpy outfit is absolutely no excuse for what that evil savage tried to do to you,” said Jacob. “I don't even think miniskirts are anathema to Judaism, unlike the ultra-Orthodox Satmar clan from ancient times, who did. Nor do I think sexuality is an inherently bad thing.”

“Above all,” said Jacob, “I believe your life as a woman is just as valuable as mine, and maybe more, no matter what your ethnic background.”

“Jacob,” said Bernadette in amazement, “I...I am so flattered. You really do believe in the importance of life.” She leaned over and kissed him. “Let this serve to help you heal from the injury you suffered. When you recover, we must see more of each other.”

“Thank you, Bernadette.” Jacob said. “I'll always do the best I can do to ensure the safety of an innocent, lovely life like yours on this planet of ours.”

Copyright Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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