Raising a Daughter the Right Way

by Avi Green

Yaffa Lion was the 18-year-old daughter of an Orthodox Judaist rabbi, Mendel Lion, in the year 25863. But she was much different from some ladies with religious backgrounds like hers from centuries past. She dressed very skimpily, in sleeveless shirts, often with cleavage and bare midriffs, in short skirts, and, in winter weather, she often wore the trousers known in ancient eras as jeans, which her predecessors weren't known for wearing. A bosomy girl standing 5'8 in height, she also wore her hairdo long to her waist, and heavy makeup. And, she worked as a fashion model for bikinis. In her leisurely time, she dated and made love to many boys, determined to find her Mr. Right.

Today, she was swimming in a bikini in the sea, close to a mega-hotel resort where her family was vacationing for the summer. She came in to dry off, where her father, and her mother, Sarah Lion, gave her a big hug. “Dad and Mom”, said Yaffa, “I really appreciate that you've allowed me to become a sex symbol as I reached 18, far more than rabbis with daughters from the far past centuries did.”

“Oh, it's nothing, my lovely Yaffa,” said Mendel. “It's all practically compatible with the Torah. Why, the way you dress is practically how I met and came to love your mother, Sarah.”

“I'm glad you never raised me in the extremely prudish way that ancient ultra-Orthodox clan, Satmar, raised and indoctrinated their children in the 20th and 21st centuries.” said Yaffa as she freshened up.

“If I'd have raised you like they did, in an insular enclave while wearing frumpy dresses, you wouldn't have been as happy a girl as you are,” said Mendel. “Societies are judged by how well they treat their women and children. That's not what the Satmar did when they taught their women to dress modestly, shave their head hair upon marriage and wear wigs instead. Such customs are dehumanizing. A smart religious parent doesn't impose such insanely stringent dress codes, and raises his or her daughter to value the gifts given them by God. That's basically what I've done as a father.”

“And me as a mother,” added Sarah, smiling. “It's how we've honored Judaism, especially Orthodox. And the only way you need to symbolize your religious adherence is the same way I do, with the menorah necklaces we both wear.”

“I'm so hugely grateful,” said Yaffa. “It's one of the biggest reasons I pray to God for thanks when I'm in synagogue.”

“Which we highly appreciate. You may run along now, dear.” said the father and mother. “Make sure to spend some time with that boy you know named Daniel who's a hovercar engineer. He clearly loves how gorgeous you are.”

“I'm on my way to him now,” said Yaffa. “Maybe he'll make the perfect guy for me to marry some day, seeing how much he too supports my lifestyle.” And she left again to see her boyfriend, wearing another bare midriff shirt.

Copyright Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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