Alternate Dimension World Discovery

by Avi Green

“Honey, this is amazing what we've traveled into!”

Scientist Timmy Spalding and his wife Sophie, both astronomical experts who'd sought out and discovered a portal to a parallel universe, had emerged into a world very much like Earth, but considerably larger in scale, and with chunks of land levitating in the sky, both with and without greenery growing upon their surfaces. The skyline was orange-colored, and they could spot visions of planets or moons orbiting the world they'd sojourned to in the distance. The ground-based land they'd materialized on was also varied, with lovely grass fields, lakes and seas of water, mountains laden with colorful flowers of many shades, and that included some species quite uncommon on Earth, such as really big, blue-shaded sunflowers, and trees with thick leaf-like growth, not unlike the build of a cactus.

In addition, there were at least a few fantastic-looking animals around: a red colored animal that looked a like giraffe that was eating fruit from a tree, and some quadruple-winged birds with purple feathers. Timmy and Sophie made sure to record as much as they could on a video screen they'd brought.

“I fully agree with you, Timmy!” exclaimed Sophie. “Such beauty I don't often see back on Earth!”

“Just think, babe,” said Timmy, “there's plenty of room here to build housing. What if one day, we could transport many humans into this new world to live on it? It could be the next great step for mankind!”

“Yeah, and with some responsible planning, it could be thriving in another generation! A great place to raise our children!” replied a delighted Sophie.

“We'd best return to our dimension and planet now, to relay our findings,” said Timmy. “This is simply remarkable.”

And back they went through the energy portal, to plan for the world waiting to host them.

Copyright Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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