Joyful Dancing Float

by Avi Green

Ronald Torgomyan and his girlfriend, Lana Musheghyan, went on a date at a nightclub with levitational technology enabling attendants to float up in the air near the top of the building's high ceiling. Lana had once been overweight, and her friends, Ronald included, encouraged her to exercise more to slim down. She was persuaded, and over a number of weeks, she'd succeeded in losing weight through push-ups, weightlifting and jogging. Now, she was slender, curvy, and ready to party and dance in a floating atmosphere.

“I'm glad you were able to lose weight, honey,” said Ronald. “The technology this nightclub uses has difficulty lifting people who're very heavy. You may not have been able to float high at all if you were still overweight. Plus, you look a lot prettier when you're thin, and healthier.”

“Yeah, I'm happy too,” said Lana. “I really do want to be healthier and happier, in addition to taking flight while dancing. It's so great to be here and dance up a storm while floating in the air!”

“Well, here we go,” said Ronald. “The levitation's on. We're going up!”

“Great,” exclaimed Lana joyfully. “And thank you so much for telling me how beautiful I am now that I'm thinner. I really do want to be lovely, and eat healthy! I feel on top of the world now thanks to all my exercise and the diets I adapted to!”

The two lovers spent the rest of the evening dancing in the air, somersaulting as the levitational technology made possible, and making love together. And Lana really enjoyed it. It was such a wonderful experience for her, to be well exercised, eat healthy, and to float high in the air like comics superheroes of the eras past. This was how to lead life. They went home delightedly, hoping to try out this floating experience again some time in the future.

Copyright Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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