Escape from the Martial Law Dimension

by Avi Green

“Keep your foot on the accelerator, honey! We must reach that dimensional portal, or die trying!” called out Darla to her lover Manso, as they sped along in their airship. “I'm flooring it babe, I won't let up!”, he replied.

Darla and Manso were seeking to escape from the world of Realmo, which had been conquered by the ruthless despot Bratt Evilurid, who, in addition to being violently racist and sexist in his rulership, also condoned drug abuse and body-destroying chemical experiments. It was no easy feat to steal the airship from a military parking zone, and the portal they were rocketing towards was well guarded, making it no less difficult a feat to escape. They were closing in on the location, which in addition to armed sentries, had a barrier erected, which they'd have to break through. The world it'd lead to was Courageo, where they hoped find help in freeing their own world from Evilurid's tyranny.

As they sped ahead, the enemy guards opened fire. “Look out, babe! They're shooting with steeljacket bullets!” yelled Manso. Both he and Darla lowered their heads to the dashboard as the bullets cracked the windscreen of the airship. “Aie! The noise is painful!” yelled Darla. “Gun the fuel pedal! Go for the barrier gate!”

They shot forward, running down several enemy guards along the way, and then...crashed through the heavy barrier gates. It damaged the front of the airship, but they made it, little the worse for wear, and the engine still functioned. Finally, they saw the glowing portal speeding up to meet them.

“Will we be able to come back and set things right again? Can we defeat Evilurid on a future occasion?” asked Darla. “I hope so, babe.” said Manso. “We'll need to recruit allies in Courageo. I hope we can find some. That repellent dictator Evilurid can't be allowed to continue his tyranny. He must be brought down.”

They continued forward, and disappeared into the dimensional portal leading to the planet Courageo, the bright colors of the portal field flashing around them.

Copyright Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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