Writers, Artists & Editors

Trina Robbins Home of the creator of Go, Girl!

Elliott S! Maggin Maggin was a writer and story supervisor on Superman for many years during the Bronze Age of comics, and also wrote plenty of Green Arrow, Robin, Spider-Man, and plenty of other books too from the early 70s to the early 90s. He still writes comics on occasion today, though now he's more into being a professor in California.

Michael Netzer He was an artist/colorist who worked on Batman with Neal Adams during his tenure in the early 1970's, who later moved to Israel, where he now lives.

Dixonverse The website of Chuck Dixon, one of the best Bat-verse scribes of the 1990's, ditto its spinoff series, and also for some of CrossGen's books.

Naoko Takeuchi The creator of Sailor Moon.

Aaron Lopresti The artist for Mystic, Takion, and Excalibur.

Bob Layton Famous for writing and drawing Iron Man.

Marv Wolfman One of the most popular writers whose credits include - most importantly of all - The New Teen Titans! Plus, he's also written plenty of Superman and Green Lantern too.

J. Scott Campbell The artist/writer of Danger Girl, Gen13, and Wildsiderz.

Carl Potts Author of Alien Legion.

Tim Sale The artist of Spider-Man: Blue.

Alan Davis Official Site Fansite for artist and writer Alan Davis of Captain Britain, Avengers , Superman, Flash, and X-Men fame.

Billy Tucci Crusade Fine Arts Site of the writer/artist of Shi.

Will Eisner Eisner was the famous author of The Spirit comic strip (also written in comic book format a few times too), and the writer and artist of several other comics as well (such as Sheena). This site is dedicated to his memory.

Nick Cardy The fansite for the artist of Teen Titans, Flash, and several other books from DC.

Neal Adams One of the greatest artists of the 60's and 70's, whose works include Green Lantern co-starring Green Arrow, The Avengers, and more recently Captain Marvel (Marvel version).

Steve Englehart The famous writer of Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Incredible Hulk, Doctor Strange, Avengers, Green Lantern, etc.

Sun of Gelatometti This is a special blog featuring artwork by Jim Lee.

The Drawings of Steranko This is the site for James Steranko, the famous artist for Captain America, the Hulk, The X-Men, Nick Fury, and several other Marvel series.

Brian Clopper Creator of Mini-Monster Pals and the Heebie-Jeebies.

M. D. Bright The artist of Quantum & Woody, Green Lantern and creator of the digital comic Last Second.

Gene Gonzales For one of the best good girl artists.

Barry Kitson Site for the artist of Empire and The Titans for DC.

Frank Cho The offical site for the writer/artist of Liberty Meadows.

The Fix Site The site for writer Tony DiGerolamo.

Chris Claremont Writer of the X-Men.

Cal Slayton The artist for Shades of Blue.

The Kubert School Joe Kubert was one of the most popular artists back in the 1960's, and here is where you can find him on the internet.

Tony Daniel Artist for the Titans of DC.

Trevor Von Eeden Artist of Black Lightning, Power Man and Iron Fist, Batman and Green Arrow.

Steve Rude Also known as "The Dude", he's one of the most notable artists for Marvel Comics and Captain America.

Alan Moore Fan Site For the writer of Captain Britain and Swamp Thing.

The Bob Almond Inkwell Bob Almond was the inker of the Avengers and one of the Black Panther volumes.

Sergio Cariello The artist for Crux.

Jerry Ordway Artist and writer for All-Star Squadron, Superman, JSA, and so on.

Tom Nguyen Artist for JLA and Batman.

Drew Geraci The inker for Crux.

Scott McDaniel Artist for Batman and even Nightwing.

JP Roth Writer of Southern Nightgown.

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