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When I realized that this whole list I've written up here of sites could take up a lot of room, I thought it could be an idea to add some special sections as well, where website links in special catagories could be stored. So on the following sections before the rest of the list here, you'll find some links to some more sites of interest.

Media Watchdogs
Jewish Bloggers
American continent bloggers
European bloggers
Jewish-American Weeklies
Sports Websites

And now, here's the rest of the list!

Israel Behind the News This is a site where you find research not usually seen in most standard printed media. Sites like these are some of the best.

Hebron.Org.Il History site for Israel's most ancient Jewish city.

One Israel Fund Keeping our heritage alive and well in Israel.

Katif.Net in English

Azure This is a quarterly magazine on Jewish affairs.

Chabad.Org Also known as the Lubavicher movement.


Orange Humanist

Jabotinsky The memorial site for one of the Jewish nation's most famous and respected teachers of thought.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center

Jerusalem Diaries Website of the award-winning Jerusalem reporter Judy Lash-Balint. Also, check out her weblog of the same name.

The Israel Reporter Providing facts from Israel, and offering you the opportunity to draw the conclusions.

Shiloh Community English language site for Israeli community in Israel.

Orthodox Union Gateway to the Jewish internet. Torah, Jerusalem, Israel, Kosher, etc.

Kosher.Com Where Kosher food can be found.

Women in Green Women's Zionist Activist group.

Washington DC Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial Dedicated to one of the greatest freedom fighters and civil rights activists of our times.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Newspaper Archive

Anti-Slavery Today's fight for tomorrow's freedom.

Yesha Council Representing the Jewish communities of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

Melanie Phillips Award winning British journalist and women's rights activist.

Ariel Center for Policy Research

Yad Vashem Israel's Holocaust Memorial Center.

Dhimmitude.Org Bat Yeor's website on the status of "Dhimmis", in Arab lands.

SudanActivism.Com Resources to help stop the genocide in Sudan.

Phyllis Chesler Women's rights supporter, and author of The New Anti-Semitism.


The Michael Medved Show The website of one of America's boldest movie critics and world affairs commentators. For more of his (taped audio) reviews, visit Eye on Entertainment, an affiliate website.

Israel National News/Arutz Sheva

NGO Monitor

Volunteers for Israel

Nu?! The Jewish Portal This is a site that offers links to...all sorts of Jewish connected sites!

Terrorism Lawsuits Lawyers representing victims of Arab terrorism can be found at this important website.

Israel Hasbara Committee

Israel Ministry of Tourism

The Jewish Museum NY's Jewish Museum.

Debbie Schlussel

Nonie Darwish Born in Egypt, she is by far one of the best researchers on what Arab society is like. She fights and speaks for the good of humanity, and is one of boldest essayists of our time.

Arabs for Israel

The American Spectator The best conservative monthly magazine.

The Weekly Standard The best conservative weekly magazine.

Jewish World Review

The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies

Christian Action for Israel

Commentary Monthly magazine that's been around since 1945.

Midstream Monthly magazine published by the Theodore Herzl institute in NYC.

ENGAGE - For a Secure Israel (EFSI)

Coalition for Darfur

The Jewish Magazine

Zionist Organazation of America

Torah Technology Oh yeah, there certainly is such a thing. Not to mention that a notable comic book artist who drew Batman and Spider-Man years ago has some material stored here.

My Jewish Learning On Jewish life and exploration.

Hadassah: The Women's Zionist Orginization of America

Etzel Museum

Daniel Pipes

Archaeology.Org Prominent archaeology magazine.

Victims of Arab Terror


The Media Line This is a fairly new website for media matters and world affairs subjects.


Steimatzky Israel's premier bookstore chain.

Think Israel

Arlene Peck Nationally syndicated television talk show host and columnist.

National Review Online

The Wall Street Journal


Shop in Israel One of the purposes of this website is to fight the boycott of Israel by the European Union. Good thinking, I must say.

One Family Fund Providing direct legal and financial assistance to victims of terror.

Esek Computers

Move America Forward

Town Hall

Machers Jewish and Israeli resources with tons of useful links.

DeProgram Program Israeli radio station.

Victor Mordecai Website for an anti-terror activist.

Steven Plaut

Please Don't Hurt My Children New activist blog for Israel.

JRants.Com Index of Jewish blogs from around the world.

ICJS Research An Australian media research center that focuses on their version of the ABC news, which is pretty crummy, to say the obvious.

Rush Limbaugh

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Bendor Associates Public relations firm based in New York and Washington specializing in political matters, anti-terrorism, defense of human rights and freedom of religion, among other subjects.



Flame: Facts and Logic about the Middle East

One Jerusalem Defending the Jewish right to live in its own capital city.

Mark Steyn

News Interactive (Australia)

News Corporation The company that owns 20th Century Fox studios.

FOX News Channel

My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Judaica Press

Drudge Report Matt Drudge's website gets a lot of interesting news scoops ahead of everyone else.

S.O.S from Israel The goal of this website is to stop bloodshed in Israel before it really starts.

News With Views Where reality shatters illusion.

Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation Founded by the family of the legendary actor who played the Man of Steel in the movies.

World Jewish News Agency

Jewsweek.Com If there's such a thing as Newsweek, then there can also be Jewsweek, can't there? Either way, it sure rhymes, doesn't it? Aside from that, it's much better than Newsweek too, that's for sure!

Liberty Belles

Yiddish Radio Project This is something like a museum site for Yiddish language radio from years ago, though I think that they're also trying out new projects here in said language as well.

Plum Blossom


Israel Insider

New York Sun There used to be a newspaper like this one many years ago. Then there came a new one, and a very good one, with excellent and thoughtful coverage to it too. Unfortunately, due to budgetary problems, they had to close on September 2008.

Yahoodi.Com Jewish encyclopedia. See also the The Peace Encyclopedia section for more.

New York Post

History News Network

The Washington Times A newspaper that's far, far better than the Washington Post.

Kabbala Online

Michelle Malkin

Hot Air Podcasting gets a new, much more creative meaning with Michelle Malkin's newest venture, one of the best weblogs you can find.

La Shawn Barber's Corner

The Boston Herald

James Bowman

Front Page Magazine

Catholic Friends of Israel

The New Criterion

Western Standard Leading Canadian opinion magazine.

Don Feder's Cold Steel Caucus Report Website for a former op-ed writer for the Boston Herald.

Machers.Com Jewish/Israeli/Yiddish resources.

ZionNet Zionists around the globe.

Focus on Jerusalem

International Policy Center for Counter-Terrorism

Only in Israel

The Jewish Network


Foreign Policy Research Institute Studying overseas policies everywhere.

TES (Jewish Software) Largest distributor of Jewish, Hebrew language and Bible software.

Counter Jihad Education Task Force

The Architect's Landscape Pictures from Jerusalem.

Hugh Hewitt

The Free Republic Outspoken forum for world affairs.

Buffalo Israel Link Special information website for the Jewish community of upstate New York.

David Wyman Institute

American Center for Democracy Center for the study of corruption and the rule of law.

Pennsylvanian in Exile

Neal Boortz

The Radio Equalizer - Brian Maloney

The Galvin Opinion

Tapscott's Copy Desk Blog of reporter Mark Tapscott.

The American Thinker

Human Events

Pat Campbell

Adam Yoshida

P. David Hornik

Tammy Bruce

Regime Change Iran Fighting to bring democracy to one of the mideast's most oppressed countries.

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