Super Psylocke

by Avi Green

Betsy Braddock, girl of the Atom grown,
X-Woman worked and won, you have known.
How does she ply her trade, you might ask?
Woman’s intuition, a simple task.

Can deliver a kick and a judo throw,
Throwing bad men over her shoulder,
Can emit a telepathic wave, with grace and style,
To save the innocents from the grip of evil,
And make people happy she can,
While as for the baddies, they get all the willies,
And turn in their tracks and ran.

She’s smitten with Archangel, the love of her life,
And the only one who really should be,
When he’s around, her heart will melt,
But when it comes to fighting, he’ll build her strength,
Filling her with maiden’s might.

She’ll continue her fight against evil forever,
Doing whatever she can to prevent it,
Just like her brother, Captain Britain and Brian he be,
And will remain a beauteous babe grand.

Copyright Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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